Toronto Argonauts in Emoji

I feel the need to save these gems that were getting tossed around on Twitter and Facebook yesterday. Can you identify these current and former members of the Toronto Argonauts? (Hints, answers, and explanation/apologies below, much thanks to Jenn and Mike and @thescullerwag and Kelly and other contributors.)

  1. đŸģ🌲
  2. 🎙📍🏈©🍋🍋
  3. 🚀🐍đŸ“Ŧ
  4. 🍆💩O
  5. đŸļ 😷 👔
  6. ♌ 🏝🏔
  7. ✅ 🌲 đŸŒŗ 👨
  8. đŸ•ē🌊💧
  9. 🎄🙏⛲
  10. 🚛 👛 🌊
  11. ☑ī¸đŸ¤Ŧ🏈
  12. 🌭🛎ī¸đŸ•’
  13. 🎤🅾ī¸â›ąī¸
  14. ✅đŸ‡ē🇸🏈
  15. 🌅đŸ›Ŧ🍸
  16. đŸšŊđŸŦ
  17. Šī¸â™ŒđŸ‹
  18. 🚗💨🛎
  19. 👖🎄
  20. <👔
  21. 🌅đŸŒŋđŸŒŋ🚜🌱🌱🌱🌱


  1. Current banged-up linebacker.
  2. All time Argo legend
  3. Former Heismann Trophy winner
  4. Former player 1954-1965 and GM 1976-79, one of only four Argos to have their jersey retired, and you can blame kelly for this one
  5. Another all time great. And the person in the middle has the FLU, ok?
  6. Former coach. The first icon is an astrological sign. Maybe this would have been better: đŸĻ
  7. Current coach.
  8. Ex-kicker
  9. Another ex-kicker
  10. You might need to look up the technical definition of Unicode character U+1F69B, "ARTICULATED LORRY", but everybody loves this president of the Friends of the Argonauts fan club.
  11. See #14.
  12. Defensive line....
  13. Aha, I get it now, the third one provides something.
  14. Come on, this one's easy.
  15. Argos Announcer
  16. Much loved former Argo owner
  17. Former quarterback
  18. Another former quarterback
  19. Jeans. What kind of jeans are they?
  20. All Time Argo and five time Grey Cup Champion
  21. Another All Time Argo

Answers, and blame

  1. Bear Woods
  2. Mike Pin Ball C Lemons
  3. Rocket Ismail (h/t @thescullerwag)
  4. Dick Shatto (blame Kelly for this one)
  5. DOG FLU TIE, and I really wish there was a "Flute" emoji
  6. Leo Cahill (h/t @jennannis)
  7. Mark Trestman
  8. Swayze Waters (blame Kelly for this one too)
  9. Noel Prefontaine (h/t @thescullerwag for another work of genius)
  10. Lori Bursey. They're waves. So it's LORRY PURSE SEA. OK we are really stretching here.
  11. Marcus Ball. Thx Mike.
  12. Frank Beltre
  13. Mike O'Shea. Shade. It's an umbrella.
  14. Marcus Ball. thx kelly.
  15. Don Landry. DAWN(sunrise) LAND(airplane) DRY (martini). Hey, work with me.
  16. John Candy. (Blame Mike Hogan for this one.)
  17. C leo Lemon
  18. Kerwin Bell. CAR WIND BELL. This is too easy.
  19. Llevi Noel. Another extremely rare two-emoji-only name.
  20. Les Ascott. We ask you to be very lenient in how you interpret some of these symbols.
  21. Don Moen. DAWN and then the tractor is MOWING the grass and I really have to let this go

Stop. Just stop. Please

I'm working on one last one, stop me if you think I'm getting carried away, who is this former player?

(đŸŽĨđŸĨŠđŸ‘°)⭕ī¸ 🔔👁 the 💋 (đŸŽē🎷đŸĨ)🇮🇹

(Movie Boxer Wife) - who would that be?
(Trumpet Saxophone Drum) - what do you call that group of people?
(What is the ISO two character country code for the flag shown?)

The answer is of course ADRIAN-O BELL-I the KISSING BAND-IT